Laser Vein Removal

Dilated veins (telangiectasia), blood vessel tumors, birthmarks, rosacea, and scars are some of the common sources of red discoloration of the skin. Laser vein removal involves the use of lasers that target red. These have been very effective in eradicating these conditions which in turn has significantly improved the cosmetic appearance of the skin.

How do Facial Vein Treatments Work?

Light based treatments for veins involve the targeting of hemoglobin (which is found in blood vessels). The energy from specific wavelengths of light are preferentially absorbed by hemoglobin (around 595 nm or 1064 nm). Hemoglobin absorbs this energy and transfers it to the surrounding tissues, which happen to be dilated blood vessels, disrupting their structure. This disruption leads to improvement in the appearance of the veins. For smaller vessels, the best treatment is usually a pulsed dye laser, whereas for larger vessels, the best treatment is often a long-pulsed 1064 nm laser.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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